Do you want to work as a Nanny?

We currently have a waiting list of +4,000 profiles who want to be part of our #community as a babysitter.
If you register, your profile may take more than 6 months to be validated, depending on the number of Nannies in your location.
Therefore, we request your patience and understanding.
At Nannyfy we know the sensitivity of the sector and we validate all profiles internally before they can become part of our #community.

We believe that in order to be responsible for at least one children, you must meet the following requirements:

  • check-imageDemonstrable two-year experience.
  • check-imageRelated studies in the education sector.
  • check-imageDemonstrate responsibility, attitude and values related to teaching.

Our Validation Department will evaluate and interview each profile individually before it is approved, or not, to provide services from our platform.

If, despite the waiting time for your profile to be validated, you want to be part of our #community, download the Nannyfy app from your mobile phone and click to the button "Want to be Nanny? Create my profile" to start the registration.

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