About Nannyfy

Nannyfy is an app that connects families with trusted Nannies. We know first-hand the sensitivity of the sector and the difficulty of families in finding someone they trust with whom to leave their little ones.
From Nannyfy we help to find trusted nannies the days and hours it takes for families to stay calm and the little ones enjoy staying in the best hands.

At Nannyfy we check that all professional profiles that want to be part of our community meet some minimum requirements and that we believe, are essential:

  1. Be of legal age.
  2. Experience of more than two years in the sector.
  3. Have backed references from other families and related works.
  4. Profiles with bachelor's degrees or degrees in infant education, teaching, pedagogy, psychology, nursery assistants, nursing assistants, linguistics, etc.
  5. Committed people who manage to share our philosophy and our values.

On demand services are babysitting services for a day at a specific time. It covers any specific needs that families may have, being able to book one hour in advance and view the Nannies that are available.
Easy, super agile and reliable.

First of all, in order to hire a one-off service, you must be registered as a family. Registration is free and fast.
Once registered, you have to insert the need for the Babysitting service that is needed (day, hours, location, aptitudes, languages, etc.) to appear the profiles that are available that day at those times and that meet the required features. On-demand services must be at least 2 hours duration.
The family will view all the profiles and you can choose the profile of the Nanny you want the service to perform. Once the contracting of the service is complete, the family will have to wait for the Nanny to give you an answer of whether or not accept the requested service. If the Nanny accepts the service, the family will be notified and the chat will be activated to learn more and be able to talk (call option) about the requested service.
If the Nanny cancels the service for exceptional reasons, the family will be notified and another nanny will be sought for the service.

In the case of on-demand services, you only pay commission for the use of these services. You only paid a commission of 15% over the total price of the contracted service.
The family is responsible for paying the Nanny when the on-demad service is terminated. For on-demad services, the Nanny will always be paid for its price/hour (indicated in her profile) for the hours of service you finally perform.

Families can access the extra "Know Me Before" service if they request a timely service at least 48 hours in advance.
This service includes the option to meet before the service contracted to the Nanny. Through Nannyfy's chat, the family and the Nanny will have to set up a day to get to know each other before performing the on-demand service.
We understand that that day, the Nanny will travel to meet the family and be able to conduct an interview with them, so the cost of this extra service is the payment to the Nanny of one hour more than its price per hour.
Payment to the Nanny can be made on a regular basis when the time-to-time service is terminated.

Part or full-time care services are babysitting services for more than a day, which can be just for a full weekend to the entire school year.
The family explains through the recurrent services form (available in the app or on the website), what your specific need is and the Nanny profile you are looking for to help you find the Nanny you so desire.
Important: Our Nannies do not offer home services (ironing, thorough cleaning, etc.).

Families expose their specific need and Nannyfy seeks among her professionals. A custom search and internal selection is performed before presenting the profiles that best fit the family's need. After this first phase of preselection, the family will decide which profiles or profiles they want to meet, in order to be able to conduct interviews and close the service with one of our Nannies.

For the management of the recurrent services Nannyfy charges fees that depend on the recurrence time:
- WEEK(END) rate: 36 euros plus VAT. It is only available for services longer than 1 day and up to 7 days. Search and selection of 3 profiles is included.
- STANDARD rate: 65 euros plus VAT. Only available for services less than 1 month. Search and selection of 5 profiles and 2 week warranty are included.
- PREMIUM rate: 160 euros plus VAT. Available for any service duration. It is included the search and selection of unlimited profiles, 1-month guarantee and the possibility to increase the guarantee for a longer period.

During the available guarantee period, Nannyfy covers the replacement for the recurrent service at no additional cost. The guarantee is applicable if the nanny cancels the recurrent service (either permanently or temporarily for personal reasons) or if the family makes the decision to change Nanny.
Thanks to the guarantee, Nannyfy will be able to re-search and select profiles at zero cost.
Only the Premium fare allows you to increase the guarantee for longer periods.

Guarantee Costs:
1 month: 20 euros/month
+ 3 months: 18euros/month
+ 12 months: 15 euros/month + 24 months: 10euros/month

About Nannyfy

Registration is completely free and without any commitment. There is no obligation. It works to have a user and be able to start searches from the app or be able to carry out service reservations.

We carry out a demanding validation process to all candidates who register on our platform.
We believe that not all profiles that are registered are able to provide services so we pass selection processes to all of them.
We validate their data, check their experience through activities from other families and conduct interviews (group, telephone, conference call,meetings, roll playings...).
Finally, it is decided both at the objective and subjective level, if the profile fits to be part of our community.

Registering and having an active account is completely free. For on-demand services, Nannyfy charges a usage fee (when booking the service with one of our Nannys), which is equivalent to a 15% commission on the total price of the service.
For recurrent services, Nannyfy charges a fee which depends on the chosen rate.

Nannyfy does not set hourly prices for profiles of the nannies. Each of them sets the hour price they want at every moment. Most of the profiles are set to 10euro/h, but profiles of 6euro/h or 15euro/h can also be found.

Once the request has been sent to a Nanny for an on-demand service, the family will have to wait for a response. If the Nanny accepts the service, the family will receive a notification of it, by email and through the app, and a chat with the chosen Nanny will be opened.

If the Nanny cancels the requested on-demand service, the family may re-start another search at no additional cost. When the Nanny cancels the service, the commission that has been paid is automatically refunded.

The family may cancel an on-demand service but the commission paid for contracting that service is not refunded.
If the service has not yet been accepted by the Nanny, the family can cancel the service via chat.
If the service has already been accepted by the Nanny, the family must cancel the service by informing the Nanny via Nannyfy chat at least 2 hours in advance.

Doubts like Nanny

Registration is completely free and is only available through our app. When registration is complete, the app will be locked as the profile is pending for validation.
At this time, the profile is not yet eligible to be able to provide services from our platform. Internally, you will be informed of the steps to be taken to perform the validation process.

After registration, an email is received from the validation department informing you of the steps to follow to begin the validation process.
We carry out thorough selection processes and verify that the registered profile meets the requirements required to be part of our community.
If the minimum requirements are met, a personal interview is conducted to make a decision on whether the profile is suitable or not to be able to provide services from our platform.

If a profile is eligible to provide services such as Nanny, you will receive an email and the app will be unlocked so that the Nanny can insert the availability and complete the profile.
If it is an unsuitable profile, you will receive an email informing you about why it has not been approved.

Nannyfy is a totally free app for the Nannies. At the end of an on-demand service the Nanny receives payment from the family for its full service (the price/hour you have set for the hours of service you perform).

Once the Nanny is approved and is part of the community, you have to add in your calendar (within the app) your actual availability (days and hours that can give Nanny services). Thus, when families have a need and search, their profile can appear as available if they match their calendar.

My account

Yes, very simply and at no cost.
In the profile settings, you have the option of "Delete account".
If this action is performed, all your data will cease to exist on our platform.

If you don't remember your password, you need to go to sign in and click "I forgot my password". This link redirects to a page where you must add the email to send an email with the steps to follow to reset the password. If you do not receive the email or the system does not recognize it, contact us: info@nannyfy.com.

To change the password you must access your profile information where there is a section that is "My password" where you can modify it directly.


Nannyfy uses the postal addresses to connect families and Nannies that are closest to their location, within 20km.
Profile data is never shared as it is not public or visible to other users of the platform.

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