Live online activities to enjoy from anywhere

The perfect entertainment that combines different fun & learning activities so you can personalize according your children’s interests.
The virtual classrooms are organized in small groups of children with similar ages and driven by our professional experts in each subject.
A safe space where they will enjoy socializing and with content adapted to the age of the child during 45-50 minutes. *Activities recommended from 4 to 12.
Book an activity for only 4€ or choose a discounted pack!

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Schedule the week from 06/07 to 10/07

The activities take place from Monday to Friday. Every day there will be a unique experience!

10:00 - Jurassic park

We're going back to the time of the dinosaurs!
Your child will learn about dinosaurs, their environment, and fossils that have been discovered. All this through interactive and dynamic content (workshops, games, songs...).

11:00 - Interactive english

Learning a new language has never been easy...
Your child will learn English together with other children of the same age, developing speaking, listening and reviewing grammar with their teacher.

11:00 - Challenges

How important is it to train your brain!
Logic games, riddles, enigmas, puzzles ... Getting to awaken the reasoning skills and imagination of your child (recommended +6 years).

12:00 - Craft workshop

We reinvent the materials we have at home!
Original crafts and workshops to disconnect the mind and bring out the artist in your child. Every day we will create something different step by step!

12:00 - Technology kids

The future is digital!
We teach technological tools to awaken your child's ingenuity and creativity, always adapted to their age and knowledge. New knowledge and assured progress!

13:00 - Masterclass - Science and Experiments

Free masterclass!
On Wednesday July 8th we will awaken the curiosity of children and learn more about science by experimenting.

16:00 - High School Musical

We put ourselves in the shoes of the most successful musicals!
We sing and perform songs from musicals such as Superstars to have a great time with other children of the same age.

17:00 - Guitar initiation

Music never has to be lack!
Introductory guitar lessons according to the age of your child and directed by the group "Los Antonios". Authentic rumberos that reach the heart! (Supplement +2 euros).

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How to join?

Register or log in as a family at and go to your website’s profile to book online activities for your children.

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Select a plan

Pay per use: 4€ each activity
Small pack: 34€ for 2 daily activities a week (Monday to Friday)
Unlimited pack: 65€ unlimited activities for a week (Monday to Friday)

(*) If a pack is selected in the current week, the price of the pack is divided by the days of use of the activities.

A great #community of families that recommend us...

Maria, 6

Nannyfy has been to me the definitive solution to help me deal with remote working and Maria. She asks me daily when it's Nannyfy's time. She is delighted with her activities!!

Alejandra, 4

At last an online activity that allows to both learn and interact with other children. Alejandra is super happy "with her laptop friends”

Leyre and Mateo, 5 and 7,

Challenges, english, dance... they have tried them all and there is none they don't like. Nannyfy definitely has "coroned" itself with the e-activities!!!

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img nannyfy

Are you a business?

We adapt our online activities to your team’s children with special packs or private corporate classrooms. We design a taylormade weekly calendar adapted to your needs.

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